Cynthia Ann Morgan
Fiber Artist and Quilter
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Cynthia Ann Morgan

Boulder, Colorado  
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A longtime fascination with fabric and color led me to
color/design studies and quilting in 2001 where I started
with traditional techniques and then expanded into art

I love brilliant color and intense texture. My art relates to
my life in various ways, from what I see in nature to how I
feel and sometimes just to please my eye.  

I also use my art as a path of self-discovery, often using
symbolic shapes, colors and composition subconsciously.  
Upon completion, it is my joy to discover the hidden
meaning in the piece.

My quilts have been juried into regional, national and
international shows, including IQA World of Beauty,
Small Wonders (Houston, Chicago), PAQA-South
ArtQuiltjourneys and ArtQuiltimages(Cary, NC and other
venues), LowerTown Arts District Quilt Walk (Paducah,
KY), QuiltArt at 10 (Houston, Chicago, Lyon), 2005-7 I
Remember Mama (Houston, Chicago, Lyon and other
venues), Fabric of Legacies (Fort Collins, CO), 2005-08
Language of Color (Primedia Gallery, Golden CO and other
, Demver National Quilt Show and  PIQF (Santa
Clara, CA)

I hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration, a
certified public accountant’s license and currently work as
financial controller of a company in Boulder, CO.